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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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enjoy IJUIS sweet; uuiiiei  wiiiie JL may, AVA w
it. Mrs. Sandys came yesterday to give us warning ; Lord Wilmington has lent it to them. Sir Kobert might have had it for his own at first, but would only take it as First ' Lord of the Treasury °. He goes into a small house of his own in Arlington Street, opposite to where we formerly li ved. Whither I shall travel is yet uncertain : he is for my living with him ; but then I shall be cooped — and besides, I never found that people loved one another the less for living asunder.
The drowsy Lord Mayor 7 is dead — so the newspapers say. I think he is not dead, but sleepeth. Lord Gower is laid up with the gout : this, they say, is the reason of his not having the Privy Seal yet.
The town has talked of nothing lately but a plot : I will tell you the circumstances. Last week the Scotch hero8 sent his brother 9 two papers, which he said had been left at his house by an unknown hand ; that he believed it was by Colonel Cecil, agent for the Pretender — though how could that be, for he had had no conversation with Colonel Cecil for these two years? He desired Lord Jslay to lay them before the ministry. One of the papers seemed a letter, though with no address qr subscription, written in true genuine Stuart characters. It was to thank Mr. Burnus (D. of A.) for his services, and that he hoped he would answer the assurances given of him. The other was to
8 Still the official residence of the First Lord of the Treasury. It had been, tenanted by the Hanoverian Idanister, Baron Bothmar, on whose death George II offered to give it to
Sir Eobert Walpole. ' 'Sir Eobert GodsehaU.   Walpole. 8 The Duke of Argyll.    Walpole. » Earloflslay.-----"